Executive Search

Sometimes you have to go looking for the right person, especially if the skills you need are scarce or you want to be discrete; our Executive Search service is about finding just that person.

We get to know our clients well; we know that we are acting on your behalf and that we are your shop window.  The brief is critical and should not be rushed; we have to understand every aspect of the role, as well as believe in it, so we can create a “pull factor” for the right candidate.  The right person may not have any “push factor” from their current job, so we have to gain their confidence over time and that’s where we really become part of your team, putting our experience to work for you.

Executive Search is most effective at more senior levels and where the candidate pool is smaller; the consequence of that is that a search assignment will usually take longer than advertised selection and require greater dedication from the client to fit around a candidate’s availability to talk and meet.

Sometimes it is best to advertise a job as well especially when you want the market to know you are recruiting, and sometimes it is right to use an interim manager first especially if there is preparatory work to be done for instance making an organisational change before hiring someone to run the resulting changes.

We can combine our services any way you wish.

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