Board Services


One to one coaching can be as detailed or informal as you like.  Our network of qualified coaches will tailor a plan specifically to your needs.  For instance, we have been very successful in packaging a coaching role alongside permanent hires with a “100 day coaching plan” to help them settle in and become productive faster.


Mentoring is less formal than coaching and spread over a longer time period with fewer meetings; it involves a mentor talking to, counselling and advising a candidate on corporate progression and helping them to think through shorter term business issues.  Our mentors act as impartial advisors, a friendly ear when needed.

Strategy Workshops

Forming and agreeing a company strategy is frequently hard because each board member has their own ideas and opinions, and everyone wants to “own” their piece of the plan; frequently there are inherent conflicts.  Our Facilitators have many years of experience in managing workshops to gain consensus and drive out the key performance indicators of a strategy in order to define a measurement system such as a Balanced Business Scorecard.

Venture Capital

We have worked with a number of Venture Capitalists and are always prepared to help shape a proposition to place before them.  The Burden Dare team have their own experiences of starting up, growing and selling businesses which we have put to good use for appropriate propositions.

Start-up Funding

We are delighted to be one of the members of the Start-Up Funding Club which provides “friends and family” funding for first stage internet based businesses.  We will be pleased to introduce appropriate propositions to the team.


Being able to work in a consultative style is very different to being a line interim manager; we have access to around 500 consultants who have been trained by one of the premier firms (Accenture, Ernst & Young, PWC, KPMG or Deloittes) as well as others from boutiques who have now struck out on their own.  The price of a consultant through us will be between ½ and 2/3 the cost of an equivalent from a “branded label”, so a team will be a considerable cost saving.  The reason most clients give for choosing a brand is litigation; OK, never say never, but when was the last law suit that you can remember?  In times of austerity can you afford to pass over the opportunity for a substantial cost saving?

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