Advertised Selection

Advertised Selection is an excellent methodology for roles where there will be significant interest and/or you want to let the world know you are recruiting.  Skills probably will be in good supply and any one of a number of people will be acceptable, which is important as you will only attract people who are actively looking for a job.

Selection is a relatively fast process because interested candidates will usually reply as soon as the advertisement is released.  We have access to all the best senior level internet recruitment web sites which seem to have taken over from printed media because of both cost and speed.  We will usually start interviewing candidates in the second week and clients will usually meet candidates in week 3 or 4.

The most interesting roles can attract almost too many candidates which can lead to interesting conversations when filtering through the options.  On the other hand unexpected shortages of CVs cause the opposite, which is why sometimes it is a good idea to conduct a limited search alongside an advert.

The selection process usually enables a client to set out a time line and keep to it because willing volunteers contact us and will go out of their way to be available for the possibility of getting a new job.

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