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You know what you want – we know how to recruit

For too long recruitment has been too prescriptive. Recruitment is as much about “how” a candidate will perform in your business as “what” you need them to do. Our service is designed to reflect that.

Recruiting is one way of marketing your company to prospective employees; even if you don’t hire a candidate you will want them to be an advocate – that means investing in the recruitment process, by us and you.

Every client and each assignment is different so we will adjust the way we work to suit you.  We will always be thorough and make sure that all the right things happen but you chose “how” and “when”; for instance whether headhunting (Executive Search) or advertising (Selection) or Interim Management, or a combination; what your timescales are; how you want to meet candidates.  We can even talk about how and when we take our fees as we believe in shared risk and are happy to back our judgement.

Lots of people talk about “Trusted Advisor” now, but we were innovators.  We mean that we put your business first, we will only suggest things if we would do them to ourselves; we can be additional eyes and ears in the market; we will tell you news that may be of interest; and we will introduce people to you who we think you will find interesting.  We like to build relationships with our clients; as a result, our clients trust us and we trust our clients too.

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