Jan '09

Do Senior Managers have the skills and experience to manage through a recession? Not necessarily

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“In these difficult times don’t be afraid to ask for help” says Gary Ward of Burden Dare.

‘Just be careful who you ask. There are lots’ of people out there who will offer you advice for a price but in my experience it’s action now that is needed not a report that lands on your desk, marked ‘Draft’, in two months time.”

He goes on to say:

“Many Senior Managers with good track records have never had to manage a business in times such as these. They have never been trained to do so and yet are expected to immediately effect a series of measures aimed at enabling the company to survive through what is rapidly becoming one of the worst economic downturns in corporate memory.”

“Their minds will be turned towards cost cutting, restructuring, redundancies, supply chain management, margin maintenance, working capital management and possibly even the need for short term funding to bring about these changes.”

“Those managers who do not have this experience to hand may be thinking of turning to their auditors for support from one of their technical or management consulting arms, but at what cost?

These people are expensive and many are career advisors equally unused to managing a real business in a downturn; in times like these are they realistically what business needs?”

“By contrast Interim managers have all achieved success in delivering tangible benefits in the corporate world – they come in to do a job; they can write reports if you want them to but their focus is hands on delivery. When the job is done they say goodbye and leave.”

“They cost less than auditors or consultants and bring a wealth of experience not always enjoyed by professional advisors.”

“The interim manager typically has a minimum of 15 years business experience under their belt and a demonstrable track record of delivery and success, most with practical project management training and experience.”

“The market for interim management is growing steadily year on year as clients recognise the value and flexibility that interims bring. Outstanding candidates, sometimes beyond the reach of the client, can be hired on short term contracts at highly competitive rates in order to bring about change and transition in a cost effective manner.”

“At Burden Dare we have access to over 500 people who have managed businesses through two previous recessions and as a result can hit the ground running saving time and money in support of business needs.”

“If it’s experienced help you want then ask an experienced interim”


Editor’s note. Burden Dare operates in the top four tiers of large companies, supplying interim executives from £80K pa equivalent upwards. It has a network of over 5,500 board and senior management interim executives.

For further information and to arrange an interview with either Gary Ward or Gavan Burden please contact:-

Katie Mackenzie | kmackenzie@burdendare.com | Tel  020 7268 0000

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