Oct '15

Recruiting Virtually Anywhere

There’s a myth that the best recruitment firms are based in London, and specifically in the West End.

A search firm is made up of two components, its reputation and its people – and the latter is by far the most important today, on this assignment, for that client. But few of the best consultants actually live in London, either because they don’t want to, they can’t afford too, or they have moved out to the suburbs with their families and for better schooling. So what?

So the recruiter talent pool is 30 minutes from town, alongside many of the best candidates – for just the same reasons. This is great news for companies thriving in the commuter belt who want to benefit.

Virtual recruitment has arrived.

We have seen an increase in the number high quality candidates who no longer want to work in “the smoke” and who now want to work locally, even if the rewards are slightly lower (and not all are, by any means, especially when you add back travelling time and costs).

We have launched an initiative “Are you hiring in the Sevenoaks area” as our first foray into a proposition that local companies want to hire high quality candidates through best practice recruitment processes from an established search firm, at local prices.

It’s a win/win all round. Follow this link and call us to find out more.

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