Dec '08

Hiring a Friend of a Friend

Companies are putting themselves at three major risks if they hire a “friend of a friend” as a stop-gap interim manager in a recession says Gavan Burden, Manager of Burden Dare Ltd, one of the leading providers of interim management in the UK.

“We all appreciate the need to keep costs to a minimum in tough times, but we must also make sure that we don’t make false economies”.  He continues “Hiring a friend of a friend can end in serious tears as there are three major risks hiring friends of colleagues on self styled interim contracts:-

  1. Employment law is becoming increasingly more complex and increasingly hiring companies run the risk of allowing themselves to look like a “permanent” employer to the tax man.  This can have disastrous consequences for PAYE and NI on the one hand and employee benefits, including sick pay and severance on the other.
  2. Are the candidates adequately referenced?  Do they actually have the skills?  This key area is never one for a short cut and the consequences don’t bear thinking about.
  3. If the candidate is really looking for a permanent job then, understandably, they will opt for a safer future if the opportunity presents itself with minimum notice, possibly immediately, irrespective of the consequences for the client and the introducer.”

“Denis Healey’s First Law of Holes is that when you are in one, stop digging, and clients will do well to heed that advice! The interim managers in our network are all dedicated to providing a professional service on a short term contract, they are all referenced both formally and informally, and the arms length relationship provides as much protection as possible from employment law for our clients.  As we can provide credible candidates for senior and executive management positions across all business disciplines within 72 hours, sometimes sooner, we are well placed to solve problems effectively and efficiently – and protect our clients from unnecessary, potentially ruinous, expense.” he concludes.

Editor’s note. Burden Dare operates in the top four tiers of large companies, supplying interim executives from £80K pa equivalent upwards. It has a network of over 5,500 board and senior management interim executives.

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