Feb '13

Caveat Emptor – The Bulls Are Back In Town

This somewhat superseded phrase “Let the buyer beware” used to relate to the purchase of goods and particularly a warning about a “warts and all” acquisition, but it might now be resurrected for use in the recruitment world where hiring managers think they can still drive down prices.

The Government now trumpets 500,000 jobs created in the last year though the statistics are being argued about as to whether they are real paid jobs or not.  Business confidence has not been at its highest in the last 12 months but a recent QCA/BDO survey suggests 79% of small and mid-cap companies expect growth in excess of 11% in 2013 and 56% expect to increase their headcount in the same time-frame.  Only one third are pessimistic about the UK economy which mean that two thirds are neutral or optimistic; 72% are bullish about their own prospects.  At last, the glass is now more than half full!

Our own experience is that the market is sufficiently buoyant for candidates to be selective about which job to accept; yes there are multiple job offers about again!  So, when a candidate stipulates a baseline salary they really need, it looks like they mean it now.  Caveat Emptor.

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