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Oct '08

A Better Way to Handle Redundancies

Companies can protect the well being of their managers by hiring interim executives to manage their redundancy programmes during the current credit crunch. Interim executives, with knowledge of the necessary legal processes and aware of the vital human aspects, can act with compassion and efficiency, according to interim executive recruitment specialist Burden Dare.

Burden Dare managing director Gavan Burden said, “Interim executives experienced in managing redundancy programmes have no personal history with any of the employees and leave the company once the programme has been completed. They do not suffer the subsequent stress, heartache and poor performance often experienced by full time senior managers”.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), on 8th October 2008, reported a ‘Worrying surge in redundancy enquiries’, stating that “Analysis of calls to the CIPD’s legal helpline in September shows a 28% monthly increase in enquiries relating to redundancy. Of 2051 helpline calls last month, 303 concerned redundancy, up from 236 in August, and more than double the 142 calls received in September 2007”.

Gavan Burden said, “In business, you should only be expected to do a job if you have been trained for it, or have prior experience. Yet so many senior managers, without the necessary skills, are expected to undertake redundancy programmes.

“Our experience supports the CIPD’s report. Furthermore, we find that the negative feelings of full time managers handling redundancies have worsened and the international financial crisis means these problems are now far more widespread”.… Read the rest

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